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Since 2005 AB2B has developed innovative simple efficient solutions with RFID and NFC technologies.

Awesome projects

What we do - our step by step project method

1. Current situation collect

With clients' managers and users, AB2B analyses the current situation to have a baseline to compare with.

2. Business needs analysis

AB2B analyses business expectations to turn them into specific objectives for the project.

3. Solution design

AB2B works on a solution to be validated by the client.

4. Development

AB2B builds the solution in an iterative way.

5. Test

Tests are performed in AB2B's lab and then in the client context.

6. Installation

AB2B installs the solution in the client site and performs tests to make sure everything works properly.

7. Training

AB2B trains clients' users.

8. Use follow-up

On regular basis, AB2B checks the correct use of the solution to foresee any possible change.

for client projects

Solution to locate assets an in warehouse.
Benefits: time saving, handle saving, better management of assests.

Solution dedicated to healthcare industry to manage assets inventory and control assets compliancy with nuclear standards and norms.
Benefits: reporting, better inventory management.

Solution to manage wheelchair use and state of work in hospitals.
Benefits: better allocation of wheelchair, time reduction of maintenance operations.

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